Molly Namirembe

Molly Namirembe

Molly is a Ugandan aged 26. Currently she works as a program officer and a SCREAM trainer at Ecological Christian Organization (ECO), a non-governmental organization in Uganda. Molly is passionate about working with children and youth and she has done this since 2015. At ECO, she is implementing projects that are aimed at ending child trafficking and child labour. 

Molly has a bachelor’s degree in social work and social administration from Makerere University. A certificate in HIV counselling and basic care for children and a certificate in child protection from Makerere University. For Molly supporting children is not just a job but a passion.  

Molly is a living example of resilience as she is a former victim of child labour and now actively involved in global efforts to combat it. She was a panellist on the WDACL at the International Labour Conference in Geneva (June 2019). 


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