Break-out session D: CSR and child labour: a combined approach – the link between child labour and other CSR topics.

In this session we will jointly explore how child labour is interconnected with other sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) issues, such as living wage or working conditions. We aim to inspire the participants of this session to increase their effectiveness of eradicating child labour through other CSR efforts. This will be done by two presentations of two successful projects in which an approach on child labour was part of a combined CSR approach.

We will focus on the lessons learned: what went well, what did not? Furthermore, we will jointly discuss and explore how to scale up such projects, and what you need to be aware of in order to create impact on child labour and other CSR issues at once.

Ruben Brunsveld, Head People & Culture at Enact Sustainable Strategies

Trudy Kerperien, National Board Member of the General Union for Education (AOB)

Carrie van der Kroon, Progr Coordinator Children’s Rights & Sexual Exploitation (ECPAT)
Louke Koopmans, Global Sustainable Sourcing Manager at Mars.