Break-out session B: Pathways in addressing child labour: an area-based approach

In this session the Dutch Alliance Work: No Child’s Business (partners Unicef, Save the Children and Stop Child Labour) together with their business ang governmental partners will discuss experiences with the area-based approach to address the root causes of child labour, the obstacles to eliminate child labour and ways to ensure all children’s right to education.

During this the session, the aim is to make the audience aware of the multiple interventions and different actors that are needed to address child labour and to provide them with a good knowledge of the experiences with the area-based approach. The interactive discussion will focus on what worked and what did not, possible challenges/bottlenecks and ways to solve those, and how to upscale this approach.

The preferred outcome is that the actors in the audience understand what specific role they need to play to address child labour and ensure children’s right to education and are willing to act within the area-based approach.

Anne Valkering, Program Coordinator at Unicef Netherlands


Ilaria Manunza, Humanitarian and Development Expert at Save the Children
Venkat Reddy, MV Foundation
Niels van den Beucken, CFO at Arte Group