Key outcomes Breakout sessions

Day 1

Breakout session A: Doing due diligence: what lessons can be learnt

  • Translate high-level commitments into meaningful actions on the ground.
  • Analyse your value chain, but let this process not become an impediment to meaningful action.
  • Incorporate perspectives of affected stakeholders throughout the due diligence process.
  • Tackle the hard questions and know you are not alone. 

Breakout session B: Transparency & Traceability

  • Create trust among value chain partners, which is essential to transparency and traceability.

Breakout session C: From global commitments to national workplans: a collaborative approach in Alliance 8.7 pathfinder countries

  • Advance multi-stakeholders and multi-sectorial partnerships to tackle the root causes of child labour throughout supply chains.
  • Develop and implement ambitious action plans and monitor and report transparently on learning and results, with Pathfinder countries taking the lead.

Breakout session D: Monitoring of child labour

  • Focus on communities and local businesses to change mindsets.
  • Improve standards and measure progress through a common set of metrics, with the support of governments.

Day 2

Breakout session A: Due diligence legislation

  • Develop guidance on due diligence, remediation and monitoring, using best practice from multi-stakeholder approach.
  • Avoid reinventing the wheel.
  • Make clear definitions, including reporting instructions.
  • Emphasize added value for companies.
  • Include incentives.

Breakout session B: Pathways in addressing child labour: an area-based approach

  • Coordinate long term action transparently to strengthen systems at local and national level to end child labour worldwide.
  • Create a business case and bridge the division between responsible companies and communities.

Breakout session C: The role of business in remediation

  • Make alliances with companies in the formal sector who have similar problems, even outside your particular supply chain.
  • Apply lessons from the formal sector creatively in the informal sector.

Breakout session D: CSR and child labour: a combined approach

  • Realize living wage and fair price trough promoting local governments to set adequate minimum wage.
  • Stimulate south-south cooperation for asking a fair price.
  • Make consumers and producers aware of fair price and living income.
  • Have courage to stay small.