Commitment of companies to end child labour by 2025

An inspiring moment of the international meeting was the public commitments of 12 international companies which announced their next steps to end child labour in their supply chain.

ADMC group

“ADMC group will work to make the dreams of the working children in Egypt in the quarries sector come true. So that they can  get proper education and play and have  access to health services by  2022.”



“By 2025, Cargill will have in place a child labour monitoring and remediation system in the five countries it directly sources cocoa, and conducted due diligence assessments in its indirect supply chain.”



Olam is committing to:

“Monitor child labour in 100% of managed programmes by 2020; Traceability of 100% of our direct cocoa supply chain by 2020; Achieve a living income for 150,000 cocoa farmers in our supplier network by 2030.”



“Fairphone  targets to incorporate 80% of its used gold, as well as 90% of its cobalt from responsible sources of materials by the end of 2020.”



“Sympany wants to catalyze system change by providing transparency and engaging its business partners to  end  child labour in their post-consumer textile recycling value chain.”



“WE Europe BV wants to use the FBK learnings to reach manufacturers in India and other in risk countries and connect them with local NGO’s to address child labour, discrimination and gender by 2025.”



“Using technology that brings verifiable and quantifiable proof of impact will unlock the willingness of consumers to choose for  brands that built its business case on solving the root causes of child labour.”

moyee zwart logo


“Nestlé will make sure to hear the voice of the children themselves by adopting a more child-centered approach to understand their perspectives and needs.”



“Verstegen prioritizes child labour on the (inter)national sustainable agenda and are starting several agroforestry programs with focus on living wages, climate resilience and child labour”.


Arte di Granito

“By improving local social dialogue and formalising labour arrangements we contribute to end child labour practises. Together with the community and local government we try to create more involvement from other businesses.”


Denim Expert

“Child labour is strictly prohibited at Denim Expert Limited, Bangladesh. We comply with our own policy by not recruiting any one below 18 years of age and having all up-to-date certificates, like BSCI.”



“Hunkemöller is committed to proactive action to eradicate child labour in the supply-chain by collaborating in a multi-stakeholder initiative, enabling capacity building, tackling the root causes of child labour and monitor and report on progress”.




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